Basics for Buyers

Information for a first time participant

The auction buyer arrives at the auction location and registers with the cashier located in the blue and yellow mobile office truck for a buyers number. This registration is completed with proper I.D. which preferably is the Drivers License with complete mailing address and telephone number.

The buyer is now ready to view merchandise to determine points of interest in anticipation of the item being put up “for sale”. The auctioneer begins the auction by greeting the buyers, quoting terms, introducing the auction help and thanking the sellers.

The auction begins with one of the ring men selecting the first piece to hold up and the chanting begins. If at anytime a buyer has a question, one of the ring men will be more than happy to answer or assist in the bidding.

The auctioneer states “sold,” the buyer’s number and final selling price are given to our clerk to record on the clerk sheet. These sheets are periodically given to the cashier to keep a running total spent by each buyer.

The buyer is responsible for any item purchased from the time the auctioneer states “sold.”

When a buyer has completed all purchases, the buyer will go to the cashier located in the yellow and blue mobile office to settle up. The cashier will asked for the last item purchased and go over all tickets in the office to verify all purchases are being included in payment.

It is a good idea for the buyer to look at receipts closely to verify all purchases are paid for and all items paid are correct. Cash or good checks with proper I.D. are accepted for payment and itemized receipts are given to the buyer.

At times the auction company and/or seller will require a cashiers check and/or a bank letter of credit. The bank letter of credit needs to be addressed to the auction company for a specified auction date and place, and guarantees a set amount of payment.

These letters will be kept on file with the auction records. These are normally requested when larger dollar items are being sold.

A general information brochure is available to view by clicking here.